Hi there. I’m Iris.

I’m passionate about building great products and services.

I am a product manager and product coach, currently working as a freelancer in Amsterdam. I bring a great mix of creativity, analytical skills, technical skills and passion for the user experience. I believe in listening to your customers and actually solving a problem they have. I can help your company become a true product organisation.

My recent work

Rebrand, redesign, rebuild Easytobook

As product manager at Easytobook, I led the rebrand and redesign of Easytobook e-commerce web application. The goal was to solve several known user experience issues: faster accommodation search (using their new API), navigating through the user interface to quickly find a good accommodation, and being able to access the site easily on all devices. We built the site from scratch, as a responsive and adaptive web application, and it was released for tablet and mobile.


Easytobook API

This API was a technical project that had both internal and external developers as the intended audience. As the product manager, I took care of the resource design and the developer portal, amongst other things. I worked closely with the developers, and took a product approach to the API, taking care to ensure a good DX (developer experience). The developer portal provides clear API documentation, ensuring easy onboarding. This API allowed the company to build a new site with faster search, as wel as quickly set up mobile apps.